Blue Flag granted

Hooray! Åkrasanden and Sandvesanden meet environmental requirements, and a large team with a heart for the beaches drums up a celebration.

10-year anniversary for eco-conscious Karmøy beach

The response from the Blue Flag international jury is in: This year too, Karmøy's spectacular beaches are raising the environmental standard with the Blue Flag label! 

Mange drager flyr i luften på Åkrasanden - Click for large image Camilla Vandvik

Karmøy's extended sandy beaches invite unforgettable nature experiences while obligating sustainable management. Åkrasanden, which this year celebrates its 10th anniversary as the bearer of Rogaland's first Blue Flag, has retained its status since 2015. For Sandvesanden, this is the third time the beach is honoured.

We are proud that two of the few Blue Flag-certified beaches in Norway are here on Karmøy, states Camilla Vandvik, tourism advisor in the municipality. These beaches are popular destinations and are used for recreation and activities all year round; swimming, walking, and water sports such as surfing and kiting. The work required to achieve the certification enhances the experience. A new initiative at Sandvesanden is new information signs about birds and flora, here we receive invaluable help from local experts; Magnus Fjell and Hans Magnus Hillesland, Vandvik explains. The signs will be unveiled at the Blue Flag ceremony.

Mange mennesker og bannere møtt opp til Blått Flagg strandfest Åkrasanden - Click for large image Camilla Vandvik

Celebration with a beach party

Planning for this year’s Blue Flag season opening is well underway: At Skaarnesheimen, the many contributors gathered for a “kick off” already in February, following positive signals from FEE Norway on this year’s application. 

Mobilitetsmatte og fargede banner med masse folk til strandfest - Click for large image Camilla Vandvik

Having two beaches with the environmental label is something to celebrate, Vandvik explains. It is an incredible team that comes together for a beach party. 14 different organizations and associations plus volunteers who want to highlight the natural qualities and the activity opportunities we can revel in - so mark the date, June 2nd! Haugaland Brass will ensure an extra festive atmosphere this year.

International seal of quality

Jente går på sanden - Click for large image Camilla Vandvik

Blue Flag is a globally recognized quality seal for the world's best beaches. The program is run by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), and applicants must meet strict criteria. A beach being awarded the Blue Flag signifies that guests can be assured of water quality and safety. It also signals that the municipality takes responsibility for the environment on and around the relevant beaches. This important work is led by Friluftsrådet Vest.

Blue Flag is a valuable tool in the work with sustainable management. It allows for environmental education initiatives, activities, and interesting thematic tours on the Karmøy beaches, concludes Solveig Myge, CEO of Friluftsrådet Vest.