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  • Karmøyheiene, Røyningsbu
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  • Pack your sandwiches and jump on your bike. Choose from many routes of different lengths depending on the time available.

The great outdoors

The Karmøy countryside is attractive and diverse with many opportunities to get outdoors and be active or simply relax. A back-pack and a sandwich are all you need to explore the many paths that wind across the landscape. From strategic vantage points you can observe the Haugaland mountains on the mainland.

  • Visnes. Numerous well-kept paths around Visnes mining area. Visnes Outdoor Recreational Amenity is an unusual blend of coastal landscape, forests more typical of Eastern Norway, and a copper mine with an exciting history. The area is centred on the old mining industry and is full of interesting things to do. This is a family-friendly environment suitable for children and accessible for wheelchair users.
  • Bukkøy, Avaldsnes. A naturally beautiful area suitable for walking alongside Karmsundet. A path leads from St Olav’s Church at Avaldsnes. The church was an important refuge for pilgrims making the long journey to Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim.
  • South-Karmøy. Trails on the south of Karmøy island generally all lead to Røyningsbu. The retreat is open from 11 to 2 o’clock on Sundays and most holidays (not 1 or 17 May) and offers walkers a cup of coffee and a bite to eat. Accommodation is also provided for groups of up to 20 at a time. On the way to Røyningsbu you will experience the Kamøy Uplands at their best. Starting from the sports centre, one takes good hiking tracks and trails that are maintained by Skudenes Hill Club. The club made an excellent contribution in preparing the conditions for those who wish to experience the uplands north of Skudeneshavn.
  • The Karmøy March. Take a trip over the roof of Karmøy! Along the way you will experience all the variations of Karmøy’s landscape and wonderful nature from cool forests to open heather uplands. Standing 132 metres over sea level, Søre Sålefjell Mountain is particularly noticeable in the landscape, however, once the summit is reached the view of most of Haugalandet is superb.
  • Stangelandsmarka, Kopervik. A wild area south of Kopervik with lighted trails. Stangelandsmarka offers the hiker a varied landscape of contrasting nature. In the course of a day trip, you can encounter topography that includes forests, open marshes, heather uplands, mountains and lakes.
  • Eastern coast. The mainland side of Karmøy features attractive countryside and historic relics.
  • Kinnebu and Åkramarka. Åkramarka has a rich and varied nature ranging from an agricultural and cultural landscape in the west to heather uplands and Snaufjell Mountain in the east. The cabin Kinnebu is open every Sunday from 11.00 to 14.00 (September-June).
  • Åkra – Ferkingstad. If you would like to get more out a hiking trip in the coastal landscape than even the great experience of nature that one normally gets, then you should take a trip along the nature and heritage trail that runs from Åkra to Ferkingstad. Cultural and historical monuments lie in abundance between Åkratunet and the boathouse ruins at Hop.
  • Bjørgene is located at Torvastad on northern Karmøy. This is a family-friendly recreation area with tracks amid rolling landscape that features five mounds. There are many tracks allowing for walks of varying lengths.

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Discover Karmøy by bike
The ragged coast, heather moors, restless sea and soaring birds all contribute to an unforgettable encounter. Choose different routes of different lengths depending on the time available.

Boattrip to Feøy
The tiny island of Feøy is renowned for its intricate pattern of coves and canals and idyllic recreational areas. Boats from Haugesund and Kveiteviken, Torvastad.

Discover the archipelago in Skudeneshavn
During summer you can loan a small boat for free. It fits 4 adults or 2 adults and 3-4 smaller children. Life jackets will be required and are also available (free).

Lindøy Recreation Area
Lindøy is a delightful island destination for people of all ages. A magical setting and wonderful light envelope this holiday retreat in Førdesfjorden, just south of Røyksund. The island is circled by nature trails through undulating, changing landscapes. Lindøy is frequented by boating tourists, who enjoy the heather moors, tiny copses, beaches and bathing spots. A tall lavvo tent provides shelter, and there is a barbeque area where guests can brew coffee. Lindøy is a popular berry-picking destination in late summer, when blueberries and cranberries abound. The fjord offers excellent fishing – and with a little luck you could land a sea trout. Rowing boat rental and lavvo tent hire. Contact Friluftsrådet (Recreation Board) T: +47 52 77 48 30.