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  • Today ”Olde Town Skudeneshavn” is one of the best-preserved, thriving small communities in Norway.
  • “The Lady in the Park”, the figure adorning the park entrance, has become the very symbol of Skudeneshavn.
  • The quaint charm of Clipper Town Skudeneshavn.
  • Velkommen til byvandring med teatervri!
  • Exploring in Søragadå ...
  • The central Yacht Harbour is popular with visitors. A multitude of tiny, corner-store shops are just a few steps away, and for underage sailors the school playground and park are an added attraction.
  • Galleri Centauri
  • Blondefabrikken
  • Relax by a sunny wall? Or absorb the pervasive calm, broken only by the cries of lazy gulls circling sea-anglers on the distant mole?
  • Many cosy scenes unfold as you explore Skudeneshavn ...
  • You are welcome to a theatrical walking tour


At the extreme southern tip of Karmøy, with lighthouses guiding ships into Skudefjorden and across the North Sea, lies the charm and olde-world flavour of Skudeneshavn, home of the tall ship fleet.

There is a wonderful atmosphere in Skudeneshavn. Absorb the pervading calm of the narrow streets and alleyways as you relish fresh waffles and coffee in quaint cafes. Or revel in the vibrant festivities of festival days. Or simply explore wonderful walks, beaches and coastline.

Founded on the incredible success of the early 19th Century herring harvests, the town grew at a startling rate. Even today, almost 130 original timber homes and seafront wharves have been preserved in ”The Olde Town”. Skudeneshavn Museum located in the historic area is just the place for rich servings of local history in authentic surroundings.

Guided tours

The “Time Travel” app takes you on a historic wandering tour with a theatrical touch. Learn about the characters from times past that will show you their town as they know it.

You are also welcome to a theatrical walking tour every Saturday during July. Follow 18th century figures on an exciting trip through the history of the town. Start: 12 noon at Skudeneshavn tourist office, Kaigata 5. In English. Tickets: NOK 100 plus fee, TicketCo.
For guided tour booking please contact: Skudeneshavn Museum 

The white Empire town

Idyllic Skudeneshavn is the new addition to Norway`s specially selected cultural environments that are protected by the Cultural Heritage Act. This provision provides the legal authority to protect a cultural environment because of the value of the area as a whole.

The main street, Søragadå, winds organically through the community with homes on both sides. Many of them have hidden gardens below the rocky outcrops. No two houses are the same, but the general features of Classicism and Empire create a fine, harmonious whole. The buildings sit snugly in the terrain, and the narrow, winding street, with its many tiny mews, defines the spaces and creates an atmosphere that is both secure and intimate.

No architects or town planners were involved, in fact most houses in Old Skudeneshavn were put up by master builders from Rogaland and Agder. This is evident in the form, layout and detailing of the buildings. Some houses were even relocated here from elsewhere. The town’s large shipping fleet meant it was open to cultural impulses from many corners of the world. The styles and fashions of Europe dominated the townscape. Especially popular was the Empire style, which took its roots from the eighteenth century excavations at Pompeii. It is fascinating to see how local craftsmen sought to recreate the splendour of Ancient Rome in their embellishments.

The bathing jetty “Bade Olena”

The bathing jetty built here in Skudeneshavn in 2021 was named “Bade Olena” to honor Olena Gitlesen. She established the town’s first bathhouse as early as 1873; here at Bade Olena you can shower in the same way with a barrel on a stand, jump from the pier or just relax and enjoy the view! With a sauna on site you can swim all year round.

The city park

At the top of Søragadå you are welcomed into the Park by a wonderful ship’s figurehead, the “Lady in the Park”. She invites you to try this activity trail to get better acquainted with the history of Skudeneshavn. In this idyllic oasis you can get a good look at the “Moonstone”, believed to have travelled with the ice, which may be 800 million years old! Walk to the vista point to enjoy the view, or test your potential sweetheart on the “Yes/No” park bench!

Citymap can be seen here.

Follow the heritage trail through Historic Skudeneshavn by using this map