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  • A Viking Festival in the Land of the Vikings! The historical venue and feast allow you to step into the lives of our ancestors and visit a Viking market. Held each year at beginning of June.
  • Tales of the Sagas, trials of strength, drama, dancing and lavish banquets are just some of the activities at the Viking Festival.
  • Skude Festival is the largest gathering of historic and working boats of all categories in the West of Norway. Marvel at wooden ships, veteran steamers, pleasure yachts, small boats and sailing barques. Mingle with the lively crowd among the market stalls in the town centre.
  • The Skude Festival features craftsmen demonstrating maritime skills of yesteryear. Inspect the many art galleries in the Olde Town. Enjoy days and evenings of entertainment and festivity, featuring local and international artists.
  • Fishery Days. A delightful festival in Åkrehamn where fishing and fisheries take pride of place. Dancing on the pier, sea angling competition, wonderful food, funfair, bounteous stalls and many more attractions on offer.
  • Come and enjoy the Fishery Days in Åkrehamn! Held each year in August.
  • Kopervik Festival is a celebration of fun, circus nouveau, exhibitions, jostling crowds, concerts, funfair, maiden racing, coastal trips, reading circles, folk song and folklore evening and much more.
  • At historic Avaldsnes the annual midsummer celebration of Saint Olav’s Days occurs. Medieval Saint Olav’s Church is the centrepiece for varied concerts, seminars, pilgrim wanderings and a special midsummer service.


Karmøy is home to many interesting and fun festivals ranging from Viking Markets, coastal heritage and fishing activities all the way to literature, gospel and midsummer celebrations. Check the calendar and links for dates and more info.

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