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Karmøy in Europe

Discover the Viking Spirit along Nordsjøvegen. The North Sea Trail offers a wide range of activities along the entire coast from Haugesund in the north to Kristiansand in the south. Welcome to a rich array of experiences along Norway’s most magnificent coastline!

Visitors can come by ferry from Hirtshals in Denmark, to Kristiansand or Stavanger, by car or by coach.
Daily services from Oslo connect with Haugesund Airport, Karmøy. There are direct international flights from Gdansk, Malaga and Alicante.


Skudenes camping offers all facilities.
Parking is offered in Kopervik and in Åkrehamn.
Circle K, Skudeneshavn
– Skudenes camping
– Esso, Avaldsnes

Coach services

Overland Express – Haukeliekspressen: Daily services between Haugesund and Oslo, T: +47 815 44 444.

Coastal Coach Service – Kystbussen: Daily services between Stavanger – Karmøy – Haugesund – Bergen, 
T: +47 52 70 35 26 / +47 52 70 35 21.

Local bus services in Haugesund area: Timetable T: +47 177.

Airport shuttle, T: +47 05505.

Car ferries

Frequent crossings Arsvågen (for Karmøy) – Mortavika (for Stavanger), T: +47 177.


Daily services from Oslo to Haugesund Airport, Karmøy. Direct flights from Gdansk, Malaga and Alicante, T: +47 52 80 40 60.

Electric car charging
Norheim by Oasen; Vormedalsvegen 20, 5542 Karmsund + Austbøvegen 16, 5542 Karmsund
Mer Ladestasjon, Kong Augvalds veg 10D, 4262 Avaldsnes: CHAdeMO50 kW, CCS50kW, Type 222kW
EuroPark/Avinor, Helganesvegen 350, 4262 Avaldsnes
Storhall Karmøy, Slettavegen 130, 4276 Veavågen: 22 kw (32A).
Amfi, Tungarden 1, 4270 Åkrehamn: Strømuttak3.6 k