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Cultural Monuments at Ferkingstad

Fishermen´s memorial

This memorial commemorates the many fishermen of Karmøy who were lost at sea in American waters.
Few other places in Norway have had as many commuters to America as the Ferkingstad area and western Karmøy. The memorial is situated a short walk from the parking lot at Ferkingstad harbour. A sign has been put in place and there is a footpath leading to the site. The memorial is a cross and a bell tower made of stone. There is also a plaque with the names of the fishermen.

Boathouses at Hop

The foundations of these large buildings can be seen on the Iron Age King Ferking Farm. Legend has it that King Ferking lived in Ferkingstad in the 7th century. King Ferking was a powerful ruler of the sea who often went on Viking crusades and brought home great treasures. The jewel in the crown of the treasure was the Queen’s pearls, which she wore during major festivities at the King’s Castle. The banquet halls were so enormous that 5-600 men could dance inside in honour of the golden calf worshipped by King Ferking. It is said that King Ferking buried the golden calf so that no one would be able to find it. The burial location was reputedly marked on a map that was lost during a fire at the vicarage in Falnes in 1842.

Follow the marked Scenic Heritage Path to Åkrehamn.