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  • Skudenes Play Park
  • Visnes

Adventure challenge

Rush Trampoline Park
Welcome to an eldorado of trampolines! Here you can practice jumps and tricks and fight like a gladiator.
Norheimsmarka 11, 5542 Karmsund

Skudeneshavn Tarzan Park
The so-called Tarzan Park at Skudeneshavn School is an Eldorado for active children looking for a challenge. The park offers many activities to test balance and climbing skills. Leap like Tarzan on the hanging ropes!
Dr. Jensens vei 24, 4297 Skudeneshavn

Mine Playground in Visnes
There are many things to do when you spend a day at Visnes. The playground has many exciting appliances and a mini-mine you can slide out of. On the way to the pavillion you can frolic with the zipline and in the gapahuk. Watch filmscenes from the mining era with the Time Travel app. There are barbeque areas and Sundays lunches are served at the Mine Museum Cafe. Remember to visit the Statue of Liberty!

Leikvoll at Avaldsnes
Leikvoll is located right by Nordvegen history center. The name was chosen because “play” in Norse times included both play, sports and artistic activities. Here you can unfold and use your imagination. The park has a total of 10 installations. All installations are made of natural materials and have an abstract design.

Jungle Playgrounds

Stangeland Junior School, Favnamyrveien 80, 4250 Kopervik.

Norheim Primary School, Moksheimstien 10, 5542 Karmsund

Avaldsnes Primary School, Kong Augvaldsvei 27, 4299 Avaldsnes.