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  • Nordvegen History Centre
  • Viking for a day
  • Early learning – in a Karmøy library
  • Two little Vikings
  • Adventure hunt!
  • Hiv Away!
  • Archeologist for a day
  • Mælandsgården Museum

Family fun

Viking for a day

Written sources tell us that Harald Fairhair himself, as well as other Viking kings, made their seat here in Avaldsnes. In the Activity Pack “Viking for a day” you can dress like a Viking and experience what life was like in the Viking age.

– What did Vikings eat, and how did they live? What was it like being a boy or girl in the Viking age, and what games did young Vikings play? How did warriors get strong enough to wield a heavy sword and shield? And why did the Viking kings choose to live right here, in Avaldsnes?

Archeologist for a day

Monumental burial mounds, upright stones and medieval church sites are clear evidence of the rich chieftains and kings of Avaldsnes. Archeology and research is needed to reveal more secrets about the people who once lived here. The “Archeologist for a day” Activity Pack lets you dress up and join in activities that show the sort of work that goes on in an archeological dig.

– Do archeologists only dig with a brush and teaspoon? What do they actually unearth? How do they know how old something is, and what can be learnt from our forebears by studying the artefacts that archeologists dig out of the ground?

Activities take place in and around the Nordvegen History Centre, in the ancient fields and on the Viking Farm. Activity Packs and Dress-up Outfits are 50 kr per person. Kong Augvaldsvei 103, 4262 Avaldsnes,

Living Viking Farm

Just a 15 minute walk from the church is the Viking Farm, where visitors can try the medieval way of life and work. In summer the longhouse, round house and fire houses are open to visitors. Small coves offer barbeque facilities and bathing. Meet a host of Vikings for activities and guided tours every day from 12-4.30.

The Viking Festival

gathers “Vikings” from all over Europe each year in June. There is a Viking market, and traditional handcrafts are on display in the tents. Watch the blacksmith at his anvil, try your hand at archery and juggling, and marvel at an exciting battle scene!

«Eventyrjakten in Old Skudeneshavn»

Discover the exciting history of the town. To get better acquainted with the history of Skudeneshavn, why not try this activity trail? Start by looking for the Lady in the Park – “Damå i parken”! Map and diploma is found at the Tourist Information, Hillesland, Verdens Minste kafé, or to be downloaded here. – Good luck!


Karmøy Cinema in Kopervik has free summer shows during the school holidays. Stangelandsgt.7, 4250 Kopervik, T: +47 52 75 75 00.


Karmøy Public Library, based in Kopervik, has branches in Skudeneshavn and Åkrehamn. 
T: +47 52 81 16 15.

Culture Centres

Karmøy has five culture centres at Skudeneshavn, Åkrehamn, Kopervik, Norheim and Torvestad.