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  • Norheim Skate Park

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Skate parks

The skate parks in Norheim and Kopervik are stoutly made of concrete and steel. Functionality is good, there is little noise and they are safe. The variety of jumps mean many choices for skate-boarders, BMX bikers, roller-bladers and other large and small wheel-lovers. 
 Norheim Culture Centre, Hestmyrveien 10, 5542 Karmsund.
 Stangeland Junior School, Favnamyrveien 80, 4250 Kopervik.
 Karmøy Hall tennis courts.

Visnes Skate Park is part of a playground comprising sand volleyball, basket ball and football pitches, a playground, barbeques and seats. Skaters can enjoy six different ramps and two different rails in the park, which is left of the parking spaces at Neset, by Visnes Mine Museum, 4262 Avaldsnes.

Skudeneshavn Skate Park is located near the centre of Skudneshavn, next to other sports facitlities. The park contains a miniramp with a connected bank on one side, a pyramid with a ledge with another bank on the other side. There is also a quarterpipe, ledge and flat rail.

The Pumptrack Park in Kopervik can be found at Stangeland, Lyngvegen. Pumptrack is a paved track with bumps and curves so you can get speed whether you use a bike, skateboard/skates.


Skude Hall climbing wall
Wednesdays: 19-22 August-May. 50 kr.

Storhall Karmøy
Slettavikvegen 130, 4276 Veavågen.


Karmøy Padel
Helganesvegen 34, 4262 Avaldsnes.
Padelon Haugesund
Norevegen 36a, 5542 Karmsund

Squash Storhall Karmøy, Slettavikvegen 130, 4276 Veavågen.

Tennis Three blacktop tennis courts are available beside Karmøy Hall. 
 Eidsbakkane 103, 4250 Kopervik.

Treff Paintball Storeløken 35, 4250 Kopervik.

A 12-hole Disc golf course is available on the municipal common at Blikshavn. Austre Karmøyvei 560, 4280 Skudeneshavn
A 28-hole course is available in Liarlund, 4250 Kopervik

Indoor pool

Karmøy Hall: Karmøy Hall: 25 metre swimming pool, 6 lanes, temp 27 C. Smaller pool for learners, 32 C. Eide, 4250 Kopervik. T: +47 52 81 21 90.
Vormedal Hall, Steinhaugvegen 51, 5545 Vormedal. 25 metre swimming pool, 5 lanes, temp 27 C. Open: 17-21 tuesday and thursday during shoolyear.