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  • Sandvesanden
  • Stava, Ferkingstad
  • Åkrasanden - Voted as Norway`s most bautiful beach!

Endless silky beaches

Sandvesanden, near Skudeneshavn, and Åkrasanden further north, offer inviting white sands and clear, clean water. Karmøy beaches offer first-class bathing – and are a wonderful place to recharge your batteries.

A view of the open sea is a wonderful sight in all weathers, and Karmøy’s beaches are favourite hikes year-round.

Sandvesanden and Åkrasanden has the renowned eco-label Blue Flag, which is an exclusive international environmental certification of beaches and marinas. A Scenic Heritage Path extends along the coast from Åkrehamn to Ferkingstad.

Where to find Karmøys nice beaches:

  • Lahammer, Skudeneshavn (670 m). A small, pleasant cove with shallow water and protected from the elements.
  • Sandholmen, Syre. A brief jaunt from the yacht harbour at Syre. The path leads through a little wood to an attractive, natural bathing beach. The ideal place to be on a warm summer’s day. The small beach has areas of grass and sand and the water is shallow. A great starting point for a paddling trip to Skudeneshavn (2,7 km) if you take along a canoe or kayak.
  • Sandvesanden. Located at Sandve north of Skudeneshavn (4,8 km), Sandvesanden is one Karmøy’s finest beaches. The vegetation around the beach is pure joy for plant enthusiasts. Volley. Toilets. Blue Flag beach. A nice – and short walk along the coastal path over to the charming Sandve harbor is recommended!
  • Stavastranden. With its historic traces in the landscape, sand dunes and dramatic waves, Stavasanden beach and the fields that surround it are a very exciting part of Norway. Beautiful Stavasanden holds many possibilities for experiencing the nature and heritage of this spot.
  • Åkrasanden. Many visitors have been pleasantly surprised upon their first walk along Åkrasanden beach. It is especially during the summer months that a Mediterranean atmosphere is prevalent, with the long and beautiful white sand strand glistening beside the sea. Åkrasanden beach is also an excellent year-round starting point for hikers. A nature and heritage trail connects Åkrasanden with Stavasanden beach and Ferkingstad 3 km further south.  Volley. Toilets. Blue Flag beach.
  • Lindøy Friluftsområde. Lindøy sits bobbing in Førdesfjorden, just south of Røyksund. The trails take the hiker across the heather, through small clusters of pine trees down to the beach and bathing areas and the recreation area where there is a gapahuk, beach volleyball net, barbecue and climbing area. Toilets.
  • Aksnesstranda. Facing southwest towards Førdesfjorden and just a fifteen minute drive from Haugesund, Aksnesstranda is ideally situated for enticing bathers from many parts of Haugalandet. Toilets.