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  • Olav’s Church, built by Haakon Haakonsen in about 1250 AD, is a powerful monument to former greatness

Experience Karmøy!

Come and experience Karmøy – with rocks and skerries protecting us from the raging sea in the West. With long, silky-smooth, sandy beaches in bays and inlets – and with eternal swells pounding the coast. Real maritime culture, dramatic ocean, silvery fresh fish and a vibrant heritage – that’s Karmøy today. Walk in the footsteps of Harald Fairhair who first united Norway in a single kingdom. Saint Olav’s Church, the Nordvegen History Centre and the Viking Farm, all at Avaldsnes, invite you to relive history. Let these barons and kings, with their indentured trells, be your guide. The Church and History Centre offer majestic views of sheltered Karmsund strait, the original “North Way”, or way north, hence “Norway”.

The rich heritage of Avaldsnes is a bountiful treasure house of ideas for historical events at Avaldsnes. Groups can book Viking suppers, enjoy historical re-enactments or listen to intimate concerts in St Olav’s Church.

In Historic Skudeneshavn you are welcome to follow 18th century figures on an exciting trip through the history of the town. Skudeneshavn is a still-thriving, real-life 19th Century clipper town. A walk down Søragadå immerses you in all the charm of the Empire style homes and cottages of “South Street”.

Nature has been kind to Karmøy, with wide diversity and countless opportunities for recreation, adventure and communion with nature. Experience the beautiful sandy beaches, surf the waves, go hiking or take a boat-ride.

Karmøy offers much to explore for large and small alike. Museums for the curious, bathing indoors and out for water lovers, and countryside and recreation to suit all tastes. Familyfun!

With the Time Travel app you can explore Karmøy and see scenes unfold in the cultural landscape. Here you will find stories that give an insight into eras, historical
events and the origins of myths. Welcome to a digital time travel!