Meny +

  • Syreneset Fort
  • Haugaland Zoo
  • Stava, Ferkingstad
  • Feøy

Freshen up with a brisk walk

Sandy beaches

There is nothing quite like a visit to our long, silky bathing beaches on a fine summer’s day. Or a brisk walk along Åkrasanden with the wind in your face! Our local “Costa del Sol” offers pearly sands and clear waters, ideal for swimming, sand castles and kite flying.

Bathing spots

  • Lahammer, Skudeneshavn
  • Høynessjøen, Skudeneshavn
  • Sandholmen, Syre. Toilets
  • Sandvesanden. Toilets
  • Sandhåland
  • Hemnes
  • Ferkingstad
  • Åkrasanden. Toilets. Excellent surfing.
  • Lindøy Friluftsområde. Toilets
  • Aksnesstranda. Toilets
  • Tressvik, Visnes.

Raking for crab?

Raking crab is one local pursuit that combines a magical evening with the reward of a scrumptious dinner. Take your bucket and rake, powerful torch and good spirits.

Boiling crab: Fill a large pot with water, adding equal quantities of salt and sugar. Bring to boil. Submerge crab in pot allowing 20 minutes to cook. Enjoy on a slice of bread with mayonnaise, pickled gherkins and lemon juice. Delicious!